July, 2012, More High Speed Machining

IMG 4771-Do-Rite-67We're continuing to grow in high performance machining. New capabilities allow us to mill faster and more accurately, building the top-notch tooling we're known for in less time.

This year we've added another new high-performance machine, a new Creative Evolution FMC-1060 with 15,000 RPM spindle, automatic laser tool probe, and automatic part alignment probing system.

Now with three high-speed machines, we have greater flexibility to schedule jobs for the right machine for the job without the need to break setups for quick-turn repairs and engineering changes.


February, 2012, New Lighting

We've started off the new year with brighter and more efficient lighting. As part of our lean initiative, this change helped us reduce electrical consumption. Another big benefit is that the brighter shop looks better. Perhaps most important, our crew has reported that it's easier working to close tolerances with the new brighter lighting. 

August, 2011, New Equipment

As our business continues to evolve, we find ourselves needing higher performance, more accurate equipment. We have now installed a key piece of equipment, the Creative Evolution FMC-1570 high-performance machining center, with larger capacity for high-speed contour milling, through spindle coolant, automatic laser tool measuring probe, and automatic part alignment probing system.   This machine allows us to do a wide variety of applications from high performance roughing to precision high-speed finishing, reducing setups and machining time.  Below is a photograph of the machine being laser calibrated in our facility to millionths of an inch.


March, 2011, Machining Article

Moldmaking Technology Magazine's monthly "Machining" feature for March, 2011, describes the increased productivity and quality improvements after updating Do-Rite's graphite electrode mill with a new Creative Evolution CNC control. Click on the link below to learn more about Do-Rite's CNC update.

October, 2010, Machine Update

We've just completed integration of a new high speed Creative Evolution CNC control on our BostoMatic 32GS graphite electrode mill. Known for its high performance and reliability, the Creative Evolution CNC improves both our cutting speed and our electrodes' accuracy and finish. We're improving our productivity and quality to keep offering our clientele top-notch results for a fair price.

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February, 2007, Company Profile

Moldmaking Technology Magazine interviewed Do-Rite Die & Engineering president Alan Szymanski about the shop and their specialty, die casting dies. Click on the link below to learn more about Do-Rite's history and culture.

Article Reprint

February 2007 MoldMaking Technology Magazine Profile